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Technology that has wood

Floors and panels with textures and thermo-treated and natural finishes. Inventors of the three-layer panels. Technology that lives only in sustainable forests. Experience and tradition born in Austria.

What makes Admonter so special is its timeless design that generates the atmosphere in every corner.

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Those mountains, meadows and forests

What makes Admonter so special is the closeness to the forests of sustainable cultivation from which the wood is obtained, the high quality craftsmanship, the appropriate technique, the timeless design that creates the right atmosphere anywhere.

Our Natural Wood Floors

Regardless of how you want to live: cozy or with solid design features, a residence or attic, natural wood always creates a different environment.
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Resistant wood There is a great variety among the different types of oak, the range of colors and potential environments will surprise you.

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Larch, spruce, pine, stone pine and Douglas fir are softer and lighter. At the same time, specific colors open up sophisticated design possibilities.

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Sometimes it's a different color to make a difference. The specials are different floors from the standard and durable products.

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A range of solutions

Admonter is characterized by its structure in three layers, the ease of installation and the variety of size of the board, from small to XXlong.

Unsurpassed stability

The three-layer structure of Admonter wood floors prevents the natural deformation of wood. The noble layer and the lower layer of the same thickness of approximately 3.6 mm compensates for the natural tension of the wood. In addition, the transverse intermediate layer stabilizes the board along the entire width.

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