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Wear and erosion create unique surfaces

Altholz, Baumgartner & Co GmbH was founded in 1997 and has positioned itself as a successful company in Europe. Their experience and loyalty demonstrate their reputation.

The careful selection of old wood, recovered, its disassembly and professional preparation for international sales is his passion.

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Unique wood, with history and character

Unique wood, with history and character. The products of Altholz is of high quality, ecological value, lasting and sustainable value. Without spending energy. Without falling a single tree. Traces of old-world craftsmanship are preserved.


Hand carved

The surface shows the marks of countless blows of the ax, giving it a live appearance.



Being exposed to wind, rain and sun for decades creates particular colors and finishes.


Natural Floor

Old floor boards, they have their own charm. All of them with stories to tell.

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A second opportunity for wood

Parts that have acquired a special character through their functionality, signs of use and finishing marks show that age radiates authenticity.

old-oak-superficie original-750X420.jpg

Old oak: original surface

The old oak beams and planks with the original finishes are a unique material, rediscover their charm.


Old oak: cut

The old oak never fails to delight us, although the finish is not original. Recovered wood with a new finish.


Madame Patina

A geometric design provides structure and contrast. The combinations of MADAME PATINA® finishes are unique.

Recover your projects

Unique wood with history and character and ready for a second use. High quality, ecological value, durable and sustainable value.

Carefully chosen to provide the highest quality.

The products mostly processed manually, ordered and packaged. Altholz supplies raw materials, semi-finished products or finished products, ready for manufacturing and customized solutions.

We have different materials for interior or exterior projects.

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