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Life is not a straight line

It was not nature that designed the straight planks, but the technological limitations.

It offers a design suitable for all types of spaces: residences, commercial spaces, ecological reforms or private projects. Bolefloor can adapt to any type of requirement that is required, we carry out the individual and natural wishes of each project.

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With Bolefloor everything has changed

Bolefloor is the first floating wood platform with original curvilinear slats that follow the natural growth of the tree, which is manufactured on an industrial scale worldwide.



Solid pallets are the essence of bolefloor, but there are situations in which the product with multilayers is required. It is ideal for inconstant temperatures and humidity fluctuations.

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It offers designers and manufacturers of organic sheet metal furniture and prefabricated sheet metal panels, united for mass production, as well as customized projects.

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Bolefloor exteriores

Made of solid wood, there are several options depending on weather conditions and location and / or traffic intensity.


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Curve 8

The Curve8 pieces are selected by the grain pattern of the hardwood sheet and the appearance of each board has natural variations in color, texture and grain pattern.

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More platform by forest

Bolefloor's optimization technology translates into a saving of natural resources, not only because of its aesthetic appeal, but also because Bolefloor's innovations make it possible to achieve more by forest.

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