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Di Legno


A pioneer in the ageing and patination of parquet flooring

Di Legno is with the Di Legno Original collection the specialist in oak flooring that has the presence and dignified atmosphere of flooring which has stood the test of time.

To achieve this finish we use essentially the best French oak from sustainably managed forests.

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Maximum quality

The noble material used, combined with our technique, allows us to offer endless possibilities of application. We transform it wood floors, skirting boards, stairs, doors, tables, furniture, and so on.



There is a great variety of floors and finishes. A noble, distinguished and lasting image that proves that refinement, whether modern or classic, can only be achieved with wood.

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For the production of parquet floors, Di Legno only uses certified oak wood, coming from Europe and from controlled forests. You will receive guarantees of quality and technique of the natural production process.

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Our secret

Using the ageing techniques developed and elaborated by us we give new wood an aged finish. That way wood obtains a matured look that conjures up an atmosphere of distinctive respectability in old castles as well as modern residences. But also smooth, plain and modern is possible and can perfectly be combined with patinated wood.

To a large extent our processing techniques have the character of craftsmanship. The boards, which are approved for processing into parquet after a strict selection process, go through up to eight different treatments where each one is executed with great care and results in perfect customizing.

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