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Mario Clementi


Good wood

Fine Floors is a family tradition and wood mastery, our origin dates back to 1916 and nowadays our trajectory makes us a very successful company in our country.

The passion and love for wood takes now its fourth family generation, dedicated to the production and the trade of high quality floors.

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Join in the genuine article

The careful selection of old, reclaimed timber, its dismantling and professional preparation for the international sale is our profession and passion.

Marks of machining and wear as well as natural weathering create unique, original surfaces. Without spending energy. Without a tree to fall. Traces of old world craftsmanship and elaborate woodworking methods and use are stored.

This original patina tells stories and inspires the viewer.

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Feel the passion

Specialists in multilayer wood floors and high quality solid wood, as well as large-scale floors.

We work with sustainable wood and we manufacture all our products in Germany, from where high quality products are exported to Mexico.

The combination of the strictest certifications, the highest quality standards, the avant-garde production processes and an elaborate craftsmanship, can guarantee a top quality wood floor, for a better life and perfect comfort.


Technology which offers wood

Floors and panels with textures, thermo-treated and natural finishes. Inventors of the three-layer panels. Technology that lives only in sustainable forests. Experience and tradition born in Austria.

Which makes Admonter so special is timeless design that generates an atmosphere in every space.

Admonter means having beauty at close distance... It is purity... It is to magnify our territory.

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Bolefloor marcas.jpg

Life is not a straight line

Bolefloor is the first floating wood platform with original curvilinear slats that follow the natural growth of the tree, which is manufactured on an industrial scale worldwide. Bolefloor takes its name from the English term bole, meaning tree trunk.

Floating planks of curvilinear planks conform to the definition of unique, because each strip is as individual as the tree from which it comes. No two pallets are the same.

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Schotten and Hansen

Floors are not blank spaces

Schotten & Hansen creates incomparable products. Increasing the quality of life is a critical part of its mission: "we are a business that aims to help build a better society".

Its goal is to create products that make a difference and make sense. They seek to harness and channel the positive energy of the trees in everything they do through the application of processing methods, passion and experience.

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Tarimatec marcas.jpg

Technological innovation

Tarimatec® is 100% recyclable and consists of 50% vegetable fibers, rice husk from the reuse of by-products from the cereal crop.

Product advantages:

     - Resistance to impact and abrasion.

     - High resistance to humidity, cold and sun.

     - Protected against pool chlorine.

     - Does not crack, splinter or flake.

     - 100% recyclable / Eco-sustainable

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Werner Floors

Subtle beauty for rough life

German brand of engineering floors specialists in floors for high traffic commercial use. They have an extensive range of woods, formats and finishes.

Certified in Europe as 100% sustainable. Resists the passage of time ... and man.

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Pur Natur


Completely authentic, discover the magic

The first step on a new wooden floor is a special moment. The beginning of a long relationship. From that day, he will share with him many special moments, parties with guests, a spontaneous dance in high heels, the first steps of his children as painters. With each step, each new guest and each wash, your floor will acquire a special and unique patina.

Your soil will accumulate these experiences with you, but it will also survive all of them. Pur Natur wood floors are made from the best quality and long-lasting raw materials.

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Di Legno

Authentic floors

When you invest in Di Legno, invest in a floor for life. All solid and multi-layered parquet floors stand out for their versatility and high quality, offer a natural image and emanate character and elegance.

Di Legno offers integral solutions, completely adapted to your wishes. In addition to aged parquet floors, you can also find skirting boards, stairs, thresholds, wall and door coverings, etc.

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Flexible, homogeneous and durable vinyl

Mannington has a large catalog of synthetic floors such as vinyl, Luxury vinyl tile, recycled and recyclable and rubber floors, specialized for commercial, industrial, hospital, which meet strict manufacturing standards and can be used to certify LEED buildings with different types of formats, with medical grade, anti slip, etc.

After nearly 100 years, Mannington continues its commitment to quality, customer satisfaction and the environment. It is recognized as a leader in both residential and commercial flats.

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