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Mario Clementi

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Good Wood

The constant search to provide our customers unique finishes with the highest quality, have led us to always go one floor ahead.

Using the knowledge acquired through time in the generation in our collection Private Collection Mario Clementi, where the avant-garde, distinction and style denote the generational love for wood.

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Why choose Mario Clementi?

We have made a detailed analysis of each material, choosing the main environmental factors to achieve the right balance between functionality and elegance.


Pavia Collection

A conversation becomes history.

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Tavola Collection

The seventh art becomes more art.

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Nogal Wide Plank Collection

Take out that child that you have inside.

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Each space shows the reflection of our personality

We care about making each use more responsible for natural resources, our wood is acquired in natural forests, which allows us to protect Mother Nature and obtain sustainable high-end products, with very competitive prices.


Exotic Collection

It provokes the magic of a unique atmosphere.

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Contractor Collection

A good time is a very good moment.

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Floors for every need

Our floors consist of a playwood stand.

Wide variety and format

Wide variety and format

The thicknesses from 8 mm to 19 mm with noble layer up to 4 mm, and with widths from 75 mm to 240 mm.

The style and material combine to generate the magic of a unique environment and we are convinced that the experience remains in the satisfaction of having chosen the best alternative in terms of technology, quality and avant-garde.

Mario Clementi increases the value of projects.

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