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The principle of a unique relationship

The first step on a new wooden floor is a special moment. The beginning of a long relationship.

From that day, you will share with him many special moments, parties with guests, a spontaneous dance in high heels, the first steps of your children. With each step, with each new guest and with each wash, your floor will acquire a special and unique patina.

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Quality is a principle

Pur Natur is one of the few companies in the timber industry that has voluntarily imposed high quality standards. If a product does not meet these standards, it cannot be supplied.


Douglas floorboards

Douglas Pine is one of the hardest conifers, which makes it a resistant wood suitable for use as wooden flooring.  

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Oak floorboards

The floors of Pur Natur oak are perfect for spaces intended for high traffic and public use. Whoever chooses the oak, chooses stability.

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Soils manufactured with sustainable forests, special for outdoor areas without waterproofing or special care in at least one year.

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Quality and care for the environment

At Pur Natur we do not see wood as a simple material. A tree is a living being. It takes decades for a small outbreak to become a giant. During that time you will survive storms, droughts and bear the weight of snow in winter. It is perfectly adapted to its environment and is perfect in itself.

For this reason, we do not use chemical additives to improve their performance, but we take advantage of natural resources in order to offer aesthetic, durable and sustainable products.

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