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Wood with character

Schotten & Hansen offers individual solutions for customers around the world. They make reality beyond the desires starting from the first breath of inspiration. We advise you from the beginning to carry out your most challenging projects with the utmost passion.

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The basis of each job with wood is drying. A patented process minimizes residual moisture. The particular characteristics of the wood shine in all its splendor.


Long Board

With its generous formats, its various application options and its excellent quality, it is still the cornerstone of the Schotten & Hansen product range.

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Short Board

The short board offers identical durability while saving material. This is possible because we use a high quality substrate made of birch plywood.

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Object Board

Especially for renovation projects and commercial developments. It offers an excellent alternative with a thickness of 14 millimeters and fixed lengths.

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It offers the same lasting quality, but creates a totally different environment. The grain runs in different directions, creating a very unique look under the light.

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Panel Parquet Versailles

The classic and traditional gives any room a great and imposing character. The geometric patterns are carefully joined by hand.

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The selection

Our master craftsmen select the sheet depending on the design requirements, until each selection creates a harmonious overall vision.

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