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Nature and technology come together to create beauty

Perfect combination between nature and technology to create a product that adds beauty and warmth with durability.

Plasticwood®, the material of Tarimatec®, is composed of 50% vegetable fibers (rice husk), these do not come from the felling of trees, but come from the reuse of by-products of the cereal crop. It is 100% recyclable, as well as being an eco-sustainable alternative to tropical wood, helping to improve the environment.

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Style that shows on the outside

Produces a synthetic deck of simple extrusion and co-extrusion using polymers and rice husk, providing a 100% sustainable product with all European certifications. Great natural appearance. Ideal for outdoors.


Tecno & Nature

Techno: grooved and brushed finish. It offers an architecturally advanced appearance. Nature: Smooth brushed finish. It conveys a feeling of warmth and naturalness.

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Wood effect

Tarimatec® has developed a novel range of wood effect flooring. Ideal for any type of decoration.


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Vertical coating

Three new and different profiles to solve any vertical finish from façades to fences through lattices or visual screens.



Mix & Fun

We invite you to play with our colors to create unique and exclusive environments. Personalize each project to the maximum with the touch of the one who imagines it.

When nature and technology come together to create beauty

Plasticwood®, the material used to manufacture Tarimatec®, only incorporates 20% of its composition, so its carbon footprint is minimal and it is very respectful with the environment.

Tarimatec is an ideal material for outdoor, resistant without the need for additional treatments. It allows the customization of the spaces with modern and creative designs with the possibility of combining the colors of walls and floors.

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