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Werner Floors


Subtle beauty for rough life

Durafloor Werner GmbH is a specialist in bamboo floors of all types. It proposes a wide range of different parquet floors: oak, smoked oak, walnut, wengé, jatoba, doussié, cebrano, ash, merbau and maple.

Thanks to its production centers it is possible to put into practice the particular desires in regard to the different types of structure and the different surface treatments.

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Modern and exclusive environments

The Werner Floors specialties are the Parque de Bamboo y Oak. They also manage a line of fashionable woods.


Werner Floors Bamboo

The classic bamboo color provides an additional accent and creates a refined atmosphere and warmth.


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Werner Floors Trend Woods

Great variety of woods to provide our customers with endless alternatives in colors and textures. In this way each one reflects his style and taste without limits.

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Werner Oak Parquet

Architects and developers have opted for this impressive parquet in selected large-scale projects around the world.


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Specialists in high impact floors

The manufacturing of products is high quality, the used machinery is German and the suppliers also. The glues, varnishes and oils used in our production are also obtained from manufacturers established in Germany or other European manufacturers.

Due to this we achieve and maintain the highest quality standards.

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